LEGO launches ‘Seinfeld’-themed set

A Seinfeld-themed toy set that replicates a key setting from the show is being released by LEGO.

A miniature version of Jerry’s apartment, which has been designed by fans, will launch on August 1. LEGO versions of core characters Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and Newman have also been created.

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The Seinfeld set was initially submitted to the LEGO Ideas site, where anyone can send in concepts. However, 10,000 people have to vote for an idea before it is considered to be made into a set by LEGO.

Australian fan Brent Waller first submitted the concept. In a statement, the LEGO enthusiast said: “I loved Seinfeld in the 1990s and recently re-watched them all. I thought it was a travesty that a LEGO Seinfeld set didn’t exist. So, I made an effort to resolve that and make the best rendition of Jerry’s apartment and the gang that I could.”

The set includes several Easter eggs and additional features from the show, while Jerry’s stand-up stage and mic are also included. Fans can also celebrate Frank Costanza’s favourite holiday with a Festivus pole.

Various famed props from the show, such as Elaine’s goldfish from the season three episode The Parking Garage, are included in the set. See the full Seinfeld collection here.

Meanwhile the Seinfeld soundtrack has officially been released, 23 years after the hit show wrapped up its final episode.

The 33-track album was released on July 2. It marks the first time that the show’s music has been heard outside the context of the series.

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